Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Made a video of our adventures so far this year

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Home Schooling Our First Year...

Our First Year Home Schooling! 
I love Home Schooling my boys! It has been a wild ride and tomorrow makes our 90th day of home schooling! That means we are half way through! The year is just fling by but I love every second of watching them learn and grow! They amaze me with how much and how fast they learn! 
My boys are so smart and sweet! 

 We are doing Easy Peasy, www.allinonehomeschool.com and we love it! 

Mickey is currently reading  The Bears of Blue River  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/824517.The_Bears_of_Blue_River
He loves it... It's a story about a boy age 6 who has to shoot his first bear and many adventures....

 It makes me think of this picture of my husbands Great Great Grandfather!

He is doing well with his multiplication memorization. His writing is improving, today he wrote about this picture  

This is what he wrote...

Braden is enjoying reading The Tale of Reddy Woodpecker 

He is doing really well in math have been working on fractions! He loves counting money and counting to 100! 

Jack is learning his ABC's
He loves to sing and dance! 

We have been enjoying doing art and Science with the Spokane LDS Homeschool group as well as PE... We are making wonderful friends and having a great time! 


Mickey was Harry Potter and his friends unbeknownst to us came as wizards too!
 Braden was Bumble bee, 
and Jack was Pikachu

 Christmas we acted out the Nativity!

  Mickey was the Red Wise Man, Braden was the Angel that spoke to Joseph... :)

 PE is so much fun, 
they were playing buddy tag!

Science we learned about the structure of the human bones, 
and made a cast of one!

 We are trying to participate in the 1,000 hours outside, January we did maybe 10 hours total... So cold lol... 

This picture is of an outdoor hike we did with our LDS co-op...

I can't believe schooling is half way done! We also do Science at home we are covering the human body and we are doing Ancient History, We are finishing up with Ancient Rome!

Home Schooling hasn't always been easy but it has been worth it... I so enjoy helping my childen grow and learn! They are just simply Amazing!

<3 Much Love!